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Owners Daniel & Kelly Tessier were born and raised in Cornwall. They have a personal connection to the city and the surrounding area. Daniel had been working for the ServiceMaster family for more than 16 years . Before joining ServiceMaster Dan was an adjuster and then owned his own landscaping business in Cornwall. Kelly has been with ServiceMaster since April 2007. Daniel and Kelly became owners of ServiceMaster of Cornwall in September of 2009 and have been restoring properties and peace of mind ever since.

Our staff are dedicated, respectful and professional Individuals who work very hard to do their best.

Our staff, both inside and outside of the office, are all highly qualitifed and we are confident in their ability to "Restore Peace of Mind" in any emergency situation.


As a leading provider of disaster restoration services for residential and commercial customers, our proprietary processes and equipment enable us to respond quickly and effectively. Whether you have experienced a flood, fire or severe weather damage to your property, processes for recovery are clearly defined once the property is assessed. You can be assured that a complete and thorough plan of action will be outlined and executed.  Let us restore your property, and your peace of mind.


Whether you have experienced a fire, flood or other disaster in your home or business, we provide safe, effective, quality products designed to clean, sanitize and deodorize your property and its contents. 

We strive to be a leader in understanding the environmental, health and safety issues of the products and methods we use by staying abreast of scientific research and trends in new product development.

Over the years, our yellow vans have become a symbol of hope and security for home and business owners who know that our technicians can be trusted to put property and lives back together.

ServiceMaster Restore Van

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Green Cleaning


ServiceMaster Of Cornwall utilizes the most advanced technologies to continually improve our service and our communication with our customers.

Cutting-edge technology means superior service. When home and business owners experience disaster, anxiety naturally runs high and the safety and restoration of their personal items take on extreme importance. We want customers to feel confident about the safety and security of their personal items. That is why we have raised the bar by providing proprietary technology to automate data collection and communications in the field. These standards are unsurpassed in the industry and include training, service protocols, system integration and claim documentation.



At ServiceMaster Of Cornwall, we are committed to being our very best, so we ask you, our customer, to tell us regularly how we are doing.  Our TellServiceMaster system, powered by Listen 360, uses the latest technology to get your feedback on our performance.  The system is designed so that we can review individual customer feedback as well as our overall performance.